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Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain in Orangeburg

One of the most common results of car accidents is whiplash, resulting in neck pain. This can also be caused by other accidents that cause the neck to move in an unnatural way or simply jerk too suddenly. Although this usually causes just muscle strain that will go away with a few days’ rest, it may also cause a misalignment of the cervical spine (the neck area of the spinal column). Neck pain chiropractic treatment from Marsch Chiropractic Center in Orangeburg can help provide relief from these problems.

Problems with the cervical spine not only contribute to head pain and shoulder pain, but they also could lead to weakness in the extremities due to nerve damage. Adjustments put the vertebrae back in proper alignment, reducing the pressure on the nerves to reduce the discomfort and other associated issues while increasing flexibility.

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Treating Shoulder Discomfort

Our chiropractor also helps with shoulder pain. Problems in the shoulder area could be due to acute injury, muscle strain or chronic conditions. Additionally, there may be problems with your rotator cuff, the joint connecting your arm and torso. Issues in the neck and back area can also develop because everything is connected. Although not all problems in this area can be solved through seeing a chiropractor, many can be helped. The doctor can manipulate your spine to remove any pressure or misalignment that may be contributing to your problems in other areas, including the shoulder.

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If you suffer from head pain, shoulder pain or neck pain due to whiplash or other acute injury or just chronic misalignment, then call Marsh Chiropractic Center in Orangeburg at 803-536-1635 to set up your complimentary consultation. We also provide sciatica treatment, as well as relief from other health problems.

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