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Treating a Variety of Muscle Pain Issues in Orangeburg

Although chiropractic care focuses on fixing problems caused by misalignment of the spine, it can also help with muscle pain treatment. The reason this type of regimen may help is that the source of tenderness may not be from the actual muscle, but from an issue in the musculoskeletal structure. By fixing the underlying imbalance, the discomfort and pain often diminish and may even go away completely. Marsch Chiropractic Center in Orangeburg offers spinal manipulation for help with a variety of conditions, including muscle discomfort due to misalignment or nerve compression.

After an injury, the body often compensates for a weaker area that could create problems in another part of the body. Sometimes, the aftereffects of a strain may end up being worse than the original injury due to overcompensation for the perceived weakness. Manual manipulation of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine, will help to release any tension in various trigger points that may contribute to aches. Nerves that become compressed due to bulging or herniated disks, or other misalignment problems may also contribute to your problem. Although spinal manipulation is not the right course of action for everyone, we can evaluate your situation to decide if will work for you.

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Our Alignments Speed Healing

You do not have to rely on medication and inactivity to relieve your aching areas; there are other ways to provide relief. Muscle pain treatment by Marsch Chiropractic Center in Orangeburg helps to bring the body back into its ideal structure to reduce any stress and allow the body to heal itself. Most people feel some respite after the first visit, although true healing often requires several adjustments or even regular appointments for an extended time period. Call us today at 803-536-1635 to schedule your free consultation for back or neck issues and sports injury treatment.

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