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Understand the Connection Between Nutrition and Chiropractic Care

Man Suffering From Back Pain
Chronic back pain or injuries that impact your mobility are life altering. The recovery and rehabilitation may rely on physical therapy and movement, though it is a struggle to move with pain and a limited range of motion.
An interesting approach is emerging that combines the merits of diet and good nutrition with chiropractic treatment and the results are promising.
So, what is the connection between nutrition and chiropractic care and how can it help?

Nutrition in Recovery

To better understand the marriage of nutrition and chiropractic care, you must first understand that nutritional counseling in chiropractic practice is nothing new. Around 80 percent of chiropractors report that they educate clients on food and nutrition during treatment as weight gain puts more stress on your spine.
A healthy diet can prevent weight gain during recovery - which may be a sedentary period depending on your injury - that is counter-productive to rehabilitation.

Holistic Health and Wellness

A big part of holistic health is nutrition; while weight gain is a concern during recovery, there are other reasons to focus on food.
For instance, some physical maladies may be a direct result of poor nutrition, such as too-little calcium. Since calcium is necessary for strong bones, low calcium may make you more vulnerable to an injury requiring medical and chiropractic care.

Treatment Planning

Ask your chiropractor about a nutritional treatment plan to hasten and facilitate healing and rehabilitation. Dietary advice and regular chiropractic care are holistic approaches to overall wellbeing that foster a healthy musculoskeletal system.
Don't let a poor diet sabotage all of the work and recovery that you have experienced, and be wary of your caloric intake when under chiropractic care for chronic pain or an injury.

Integral Synergy

There is a distinctive synergy between the nutrition you take in and how your body, primarily the musculoskeletal system, performs. Problems with edema? Your chiropractor may stress an anti-inflammatory diet.
While you may be recommended supplements to take like calcium, vitamin D, and omega-3s to support bone health, know that the common multivitamin is an oft-recommended supplement by nutritional chiropractors.

Never Negate Nutrition

Approximately half of the top ten causes of death in this country are directly related to diet, including obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.
While many physicians may be less concerned with their patients' lifestyles that could be contributing to physical maladies, chiropractors are trained to look the habits of the individual to find alternative treatments that do not involve prescription drugs. The role of good nutrition in overall health and wellbeing cannot be over emphasized.

Nutritional Chiropractic Providers

Ask our staff about their training in the field of nutrition, as many practitioners specialize in and spend additional post graduate hours to obtain licensure as a nutritional chiropractor.
 Most licensed chiropractors have a firm understanding of the role of diet in recovery and they identify it as important as regular chiropractic treatment in maintaining healthy bones and good health.
If you think that your diet is contributing to your injury, pain, or chiropractic issue, speak to your practitioner right away to develop your own plan for treatment.
Keep track of what you eat daily to share with your chiropractor at your next appointment. This information may point to supplements, changes, and foods that can speed up recovery and encourage healing. Seeing what you eat written down can be very enlightening.
The connection between diet and overall wellness is obvious, but do you see the correlation between nutrition and chiropractic health? Talk to Marsch Chiropractic Center in Orangeburg to learn more or to set up an appointment with one of our qualified practitioners today. Give yourself the best chance at recovery with a holistic approach that integrates chiropractic care and nutrition.

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