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Chiropractic Treatment for Upper and Lower Back Pain in Orangeburg

Marsch Chiropractic Center provides back pain chiropractic treatment in Orangeburg. One of the largest reasons people seek out our help is upper back pain. Trauma to the back, such as what happens during a car, work or sports accident, could contribute to this problem. However, many people develop a problem due to poor posture, especially from sitting and staring at a computer all day long. Often, this type of problem comes in tandem with neck and/or shoulder pain.

The pain from an acute injury or prolonged poor posture may be due to joint dysfunction. This is where visiting a chiropractor can help. Manual manipulation mobilizes the joints and brings them back into their proper alignment. It may take several sessions to return to the proper alignment, but most people find some pain relief and increased flexibility from just one session.

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Adjusting the Lumbar Spine Region

Lower back pain, which occurs in the lumbar part of the spine, is another very common cause of disability and is one of the most common reasons people visit their general practitioner. Some cases develop due to a sudden injury from an accident. Poor posture and a sedentary lifestyle also contribute to problems in the lumbar region. Lower back pain may also develop due to weakened core muscles. Spine adjustment offers benefits by removing the pressure from the lumbar vertebrae while bringing them back into their proper alignment.

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You do not have to feel as though your only options for treatment are medication or surgery. You may be able to find some relief through spinal adjustment. If you suffer from back pain, then call our center for a complimentary consultation in Orangeburg today at 803-536-1635. We also provide neck pain chiropractic treatment.

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